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About Us

Academic success is incredibly important to us at New Delhi Public School, but we don’t measure success through league tables alone. We put as much emphasis on who our pupils become as what they achieve. With this in mind, social and personal development are crucial. We celebrate individuality and our aim is to produce free-thinking young people with belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience to succeed, whatever life throws at them. Alongside this we believe that the privilege of excellent education brings with it responsibility and we send young people out into the world who are ready to make a real and positive contribution to society

Our philosophy at NEW DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL is simple:

  • Provide a secure, purposeful environment;
  • Deliver first class teaching that inspires and challenges;
  • Celebrate each child for who they are and what they do.

Visitors frequently express how special and warm a place NEW DELHI PUBLIC School is and they recognize how full of laughter and productivity the classrooms, corridors and social areas are as they walk around the school. Parents comment on the excellent relationships between staff and pupils – relaxed but always respectful. The rapport, encouragement and support available to every single child, pupil and student create an atmosphere where children can develop happily and progress successfully

The school endeavors to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth of the individual through the combined efforts of parents/guardians and faculty by establishing the best possible environment for learning: a climate of safety, trust, and respect for the individual and an appreciation for the acquisition of learning.