Welcome to New Delhi Public School

At New Delhi Public School, We derived motivation from our core philosophy i.e.Knowledge for Excellence. Our endeavors are always focused very deeply on our pupils’ growth. We aim to help them excel in every sphere of physical, social and intellectual development so that they can be strong pillars of future India.

However, excellence is not something that can be arrived at in a single day; it has to be nurtured through years of hard work and perseverance. Excellence doesn’t necessarily mean perfection all the time, it is an ongoing process which has to be continuously revved up. New Delhi Public School takes pride in its ability to understanding the art of creating and achieving consistent excellence through its cumulative and untiring efforts.

Another significant factor is the standard that we have set to ourselves to strive for a sustainable excellence- that is, excellence without doing things in excess. We have realized through our years of experience that this kind of moderation is what would help us in creating a conducive environment for the pupils’ personal, academic and extracurricular development.

In all these years of our teaching and personal guidance based on our core philosophy, we have found our students to have successfully emerged out as full-fledged, knowledgeable and sound citizens.

What makes us different is not that we provide high end education but we also provide the Maximum Global Exposure. We send study tours across many countries. It is an effort to emphasis the knowledge about different cultures, education, language and/or sports. We provide these programmes combining these elements with adventure activities to create comprehensive and exciting travel opportunities.